Events & Classes

DIY Vintage Furniture Sale

If you like to finish your own furniture or re-purpose things with unique finds then this sale is for you.
Also, if you have a small nook that needs to be filled in or your living space is tight then we have the small and fold-able furniture as well.
Come this Saturday August 13th from 9 to 2 and find these at great prices. We will also have some chalk paint for your painting pleasure at a discounted rate.

DIY furniture and finds

Small and Folding Furniture

August Classes: Sign up soon as these can fill up fast!

Class Schedule for August 2016

Basic Stained Glass Class: Cost $55 all materials included. Minimum 2 maximum 4.
Learn how to make straight cuts, grind, foil and solder glass. Walk away with a sun catcher. Class duration is four hours.

Oil Painting Class: Cost $50 all materials included. Minimum 2 maximum 5.
Learn oil painting techniques and tricks from our instructor Lauren Rivers who has fifteen years of teaching experience. Duration of the class is three hours.

Make your own Pendant Class: Cost is $30 all materials included. Minimum 2 maximum 6.
Select up to three pieces of pre-cut and ground stained glass and design your own pendant. Foil them and solder
the pieces walking away with your own masterpiece. Class duration is three hours.

Chalk Painting Class: Cost is $30 all materials included. Minimum 2 maximum 5.
Learn the benefits of chalk paint. Select a frame or a tray to learn the different distress techniques and
finishes. Class duration three hours. Walk away with a painted project ready to use in your home.

Class of your choice: We can have any one of the following classes.
1. Embroidery cost $30 minimum 2 maximum 4
2. Book Stitching $20 minimum 2 maximum 4
3. Basic Handstitching $20 minimum 2 maximum 6

Photos of our 2016 classes

Basic Stained Glass Class

Finished Master Pieces

Proud Artists

Intermediate Stained Glass Class


Oil Painting Class

Oil Painting June 2016

Simple Book Stitching Class


Photos of our 2015 classes

Basic Hand Stitching class graduates are proudly presenting their finished product!

We finished our first Intermediate Stained Glass class. See our proud students and what they made.

Here are the students who took the Basic Stained Glass class at CME. See their beautiful finished products!

4 Responses to Events & Classes

  1. Diane says:

    If it possible to offer classes during the week in the morning hours, say around 10 to 1?

  2. Sarah says:

    How can I sign up for the beginner stained glass class? Thanks!

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